New R&D Center Aims to Create Technological Breakthroughs

随着人工智能的出现,Big Data and the explosion of internet-connected devices,the electronics industry has never been more exciting and yet more demanding.The innovations required to fuel this growth require a higher level of collaboration than ever before to develop new ideas,advance computing and enable emerging markets.

全球工业正在寻找新的方法来显著提高性能,power efficiency,area and cost of semiconductors and electronic devices to fulfill the promise of the AI and Big Data era.Facilitating strong,close R&D collaboration between researchers,equipment suppliers and manufacturers at the earliest stages of development increases the pace of learning and is critical to enabling the creation of new architectures,production processes and systems that will shape the future.

This is why theannouncement todayof Applied's newMaterials Engineering Technology Accelerator (META Center)非常重要。To be located in Albany,New York,它将是第一个将技术生态系统融合在一起的研发设施,以加快创新和连接速度,从而开创新的方式来推动计算技术的进步。Applied will furnish the META Center with a comprehensive set of our most advanced process systems together with complementary systems needed to bring materials engineering innovations into advanced devices along with systematic data gathering and analysis.

Our goal for the META Center is to rapidly advance the availability of next-generation devices,both in traditional semiconductors and in adjacent and new markets.Part of the solution for achieving this is to bring the entire strength of betwayappApplied Materials and its ability to develop and use the broadest set of materials and new combinations of materials to engineer new devices.世界一流的中心将提供最优化的材料工程能力,以加强从材料到系统的整个生态系统的协作和研发。

The META Center is unique as an R&D facility by being primarily set up for materials innovations and accelerating related process technologies for high-volume manufacturing by our customers.With the facility,我们正在解决芯片制造商和生态系统合作伙伴日益增长的需求,以进入一个以实现新材料和结构突破为重点的前沿开发环境。

让我们来看看几个代表我们希望在元中心促进的合作类型的领域。Examples include our on-going R&D work for new materials-enabled non-volatile memory technology and the development of a new type of electronic switch for AI that mimics the way the human brain works.

When the META Center becomes fully operational next year,we can expand on such collaborative research to improve the cycle time for running pilot structures and production concepts for much quicker learning cycles.The center will help enable advanced process development by offering a fixed process where projects can be run repeatedly to focus not only on performance and reliability data but also on manufacturability.

The META Center is a strategic addition to Applied's global R&D environment.It complements and builds on the capabilities of theMaydan Technology Center(MTC) in Silicon Valley,这将继续关注过程系统开发。元中心还将支持人工智能等领域的初创企业和新兴技术公司。augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR),advanced optics,Big Data,life sciences,自动驾驶车辆等等。

结合起来,Meta Center和MTC将代表应用材料在推动我们所服务行业增长的精神下所提供的无与伦比的材料创新集中度,betwayappfrom materials to systems.

Finally,应用的强大承诺将得到new co-investment initiativebetween Applied's venture capital arm,应用企业,有限责任公司,and Empire State Development,the economic development organization of New York.The goal is to invest in promising startups in Upstate New York across a broad range of both established and emerging industries.The materials engineering capabilities of the META Center can solve challenges and drive roadmaps in industries beyond semiconductors.With private sector companies,大学和政府合作,we can achieve the knowledge and momentum to fuel a new era of technology.

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