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betwayappApplied Materials invests in talent.Our Internship Program and New College Graduate Programs are designed to train and engage emerging technology professionals in a variety of disciplines and assist with the transition from academia to a corporate environment.We provide networking,领导力,and team building opportunities,为参与者提供宝贵的业务联系和实践技能。



Tasnuva,Process Engineer,实习生转为新毕业生

Tasnuva -""我的应用材料生涯始于研究生院的betwayapp第一天,, with an ongoing research project that was followed by a 6-month co-op.I was encouraged to be innovative and develop a test system from scratch,这就产生了一项专利。Working at Applied,my manager and fellow team members give me the liberty to take risks,说出我的想法,and make bold changes.Everyone on my team has diverse responsibilities that contribute to the team's success,just like the different business units at Applied contribute to the organization's success.""


克里斯托弗-""Interning at betwayappApplied Materials has given me fantastic experience在工艺工程领域。第一周内,I dove right into hands-on problem solving that could directly impact the company.Even with the steep learning curve I sometimes faced,每当我有问题的时候,我团队中的每个人都可以提供帮助。应用材料公司的每个人都有betwayapp解决问题的热情,其中一些人在公司工作20年或更长时间。从而产生了一些最酷的半导体技术。""

SadafFinancial Analyst,刚毕业的学生

Sadaf -""As a new college graduate at betwayappApplied Materials,I believe I have joined one of the most supportive communities in the world. 我的想法,我的问题,我的经验都很宝贵。我每天都有机会通过探索不同的角色和学习新的技能来建立自己的职业生涯,而不用担心或犹豫。""

LisbetHuman Resources Intern



Vy -""Working at betwayappApplied Materials,I am constantly in awe of how all the pieces—each process,each group,每一部分都在一起 使以前不存在的产品成为可能。通过实习项目得到的指导使我成为一名专业工程师的梦想成为可能。As I look back,I can see the numerous individuals,projects,以及帮助我成长为今天的工程师的责任。我对未来应用型实习生的建议很简单:抓住每一个机会,learn as much as you can,利用你周围的惊人天赋和知识,对可能发生的事情感到惊奇。""

Somina,Public Relations Intern

Somina -""betwayapp无论你的背景是技术还是非技术,应用材料都能提供无数的增长机会。—and the company is committed to providing you with a wide range of professional experience.As an intern,我接受了自己的项目,与世界各地的团队合作,and met with executives on a regular basis.通过应用,I have gained a deeper understanding of the tech industry,building valuable skills and making lasting memories.""

Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is eligible for an internship??

Students currently enrolled in a degree program and a major that aligns with the business objectives of betwayappApplied Materials are eligible.

Who is eligible for a recent or new graduate opportunity??

Students who have graduated within the 12 months prior to their job application or are expected to graduate within the next 6 months are eligible.

Do you provide relocation assistance??

对。我们为符合资格标准的新毕业生和新毕业生提供全面的搬迁方案。For internships,离指定工地50多英里的学生有资格获得住房津贴。


Depending upon the number of hours worked per week,实习生可以接受医疗保险,带薪假期员工援助计划,use of the on-site workout facilities (where available),以及住房津贴(如果符合条件)。


大部分职位位于圣克拉拉,CA和奥斯丁,TX.Other opportunities may be available in other parts of the United States based on business needs.

Are internships paid??

对。We pay all of our interns by the hour and offer competitive rates based upon market research.

What types of new graduate positions are available??

职位空缺是根据预计的需求,包括技术和业务职位,including but not limited to:


  • Electrical Engineer
  • 现场过程支持
  • Hardware Engineer
  • 制造工程师
  • 机械工程师
  • Process Engineer
  • Product Marketing Engineer
  • Product Support Engineer
  • 质量工程师
  • Software Engineer
  • 供应商质量工程师
  • Test Engineer


  • Buyer
  • 业务流程开发分析师
  • Contract Specialist
  • 财务分析师
  • 人力资源代表
  • Planner
  • 用户系统分析师
  • 市场分析员

我们每年雇佣几百名暑期实习生,在技术和商业领域。The majority of internships fall into one of the following categories,including but not limited to:

  • 工程类
  • 物理科学
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Marketing
What types of internships are available??

我们每年雇佣几百名暑期实习生,在技术和商业领域。The majority of internships fall into one of the following categories,including but not limited to:

  • 工程类
  • 物理科学
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Marketing
What is the best way to apply for an internship or new graduate position??

The most effective way to apply is through an on-campus interview.如果申betwayapp请材料没有在你的学校面试,您仍然可以通过在线申请来考虑我们的机会。

How soon after I submit my résumé will I be contacted??

只有当您被选中参加面试时,才会与您联系。We will keep your résumé on file for the duration of your university enrollment.If a position becomes available that matches your qualifications,我们会联系您。

Internship Opportunities

betwayappApplied Materials offers a wide range of internship and co-op positions that provide qualified students with hands-on experience in a corporate environment,关键专业技能,对电子行业有较高的了解。

As an intern for betwayappApplied Materials,you'll work for the global leader in materials engineering solutions for the electronics industry and meet some of the most innovative professionals in the industry.This is a great opportunity for tomorrow's leaders.We strongly encourage you to apply.

New Graduates Opportunities

betwayappApplied Materials offers various full-time employment routes for recent and upcoming university graduates which provide in-depth training,opportunities to work cross-functionally,and access to a global knowledge database.

Current programs include Engineering Rotation Programs located in our major offices,a Financial Rotation Program based in Santa Clara,CA和奥斯丁,TXand direct hire opportunities all over the United States.